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OASECT offices will remain CLOSED for regular visits through at least April 22

To all Patients, Families, and Friends of OASECT,

Over the past week, we have connected with many of our wonderful patients and families via text, on the phone, and via “virtual consultations”.  It has been great to hear from you!  We have done our best to reassure you and address any ongoing concerns. We sincerely hope that your families remain safe, and that you are complying with all social distancing guidelines.

As you know, the Governor has extended his “stay safe, stay home” order through at least May 20. While dental offices are considered “essential” businesses, dentists and orthodontists were urged following the original order to defer all elective dental procedures, including orthodontic treatment, through at least April 22. We have NOT received any updated guidance regarding when we can reopen for regular appointments.  We hope to be able to reopen soon after April 22 to see patients under active treatment, as appropriate, but of course, we cannot yet say specifically when we will be able to re-open. Once our path forward is clearer, we will begin to reschedule patients. We do NOT want to have to reschedule everyone twice!

We have a small number of Team members available to answer phones and to assist us with orthodontic emergencies. Any patients experiencing severe pain, recent trauma that involves orthodontic appliances, poking wires, or other appliances that are causing ulceration or pain, would all be considered “emergencies” that may warrant a visit to the office.

 Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a  “virtual consultation” to assess your treatment progress, or to address any concerns.  For immediate attention to any emergencies, please call at 860 443-1827. We will get right back to you! We also have both wax and elastics available at our Norwich office, even after hours.

We have been working hard to update and improve our infection control systems, and learning all that we can about best practices during the COVID 19 outbreak.  As you can imagine, a visit to our offices will be a bit different for some time to come. Thank you for your patience as we work together with you to get everyone back on track!

Dr. James O’Leary, Dr. Gregory Hack, and the entire Team at OASECT