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Protect Your Teeth With Custom Mouth Guards

Waterford, Norwich, & Groton, CT

It’s essential to wear a mouth guard while playing sports to protect your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth from damage. OASECT is pleased to offer custom mouth guards to all athletes!

Each of our patients is eligible to receive one complimentary appliance at the end of their treatment. This service is also extended to athletes who are not our patients! To qualify, individuals must not be currently undergoing orthodontic treatment and must play on a school or local sports team. Please call us to schedule an appointment. The cost is just $25 and in most cases, your mouth guard will be ready within a week.

For Athletes With Braces

For athletes currently wearing braces, we recommend purchasing a Shock Doctor mouth guard, available at most sporting goods stores. The Double Braces mouth guard by Shock Doctor is specifically designed to conform to your brackets, and it adapts as your teeth move during treatment.